GOT – Diocletian Palace

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#1 Game Of Thrones Experience in Split – Fjaka style

Are you ready to relieve the scenes and walk the same path Khaleesi took her dragons?
Is adrenaline pump mixed together with history lessons something that itches you?
We got you covered.

Let’s go for an incredible walkthrough of Meeren.Check out Daenerysí throne room, the dragonsí lair and the famous battle between General Gray Worm and Ser Barristan Selmy and Son of Harpies.
Your experience revolves around 1700-year-old Diocletianís Palace. Our guides will immerse you in rich Croatian heritage together with full behind-the-scenes GOT reenactments.
You get to see the Diocletian palace basement, the exact location where they filmed Khaleesi’s dragons. This experience will take you on a historical reenactment of the shooting scenes blended together with the history of the city itself. But most importantly, since we are doing this #fjaka style, you will get to immerse as a local GOT fan.

NOTE: Tickets for cellars are included.

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