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Beautiful Dalmatia

It’s no secret that summers on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia offer clear blue waters for swimming and snorkeling, stunning sunsets, medieval architecture and prized beaches. All this natural beauty, however, has attracted a rising number of visitors, and the major cities including Split and Dubrovnik may feel a little crowded during high season. While […]

A Guide to Mastering Dalmatian Fjaka

How to Define “fjaka” Naturally, the fjaka is one of the most typical characteristics of the Mediterranean, which is thought to have also invented all the good and bad sides of our real lives. Since the fjaka is a kind of blissful state which is beyond control, and thus defies set definitions and names, it […]

BBC – Travel – Dalmatia’s fjaka state of mind

One hot July, I was sitting at a cafe in Dubrovnik waiting for someone to show up with keys to the apartment I was renting. It had been over an hour. “Excuse me, have you seen Pero?” I asked the waiter in Croatian. “I am supposed to meet with him, to get keys to an […]