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IT retreat heaven in Croatia

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean part of Croatia,
we offer a custom-tailored retreat, ideal for busy and productivity-seeking companies.

Food, wine, culture, history, adventure.

We custom-tailor the experience your team will never forget.

What you get in return


Your team comes back home rejuvenated and with a strong sense of time and how to put it to a good use.


A relaxing Dalmatian environment begs the ideal symbiosis of work-life balance. We immerse you in our worry-free world and indulge all your senses.


With a proper storytelling, amazing food, wine and natural setting, your team is destined to bond better and to recharge their energy.

Your hosts

Oliver and Armando

Genuity - Passion - Dedication

  • Oliver and Armando were born and raised at the streets of Diocletian Palace, the core center of their hometown.
  • Oliver has been a prominent tourist guide for more than a decade, and Armando has been traveling the world building startups.
They now want to share their love for their hometown to companies worldwide.

How it works

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3) You get a detailed offering

4) See you in Split!

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